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REACTIVITY Why choose our lime?

PROFITKALK lime has a high reactivity - 99%.

What does it mean?

The high reactivity of determines the percentage of CaO and CaCO3, which is soluble and thus becomes available for plants. In practice, if we have two products, one with the CaO content of 70% and characterized by the reactivity of 50% and a second product containing CaO - 40% and reactivity - 90%, is in fact more profitable to us to buy the fertilizer with a higher reactivity and a lower CaO content. When using the first fertilizer we deliver to the plants the calcium oxide in an amount of 35% CaO by weight of fertilizer, while using the second fertilizer despite an overall lower content of calcium oxide it will provide 36% of calcium oxide to the plants.

In the following infographics you can see how the profitability of applying fertilizer PROFITKALK looks like in respect to a competitive fertilizer with lower reactivity.

By using lime with a higher CaO content (52%) but with lower reactivity, not only do we pay more for the calcium oxide (418.56 PLN for 2 t of CaO) but also we throw away 104.64 PLN, because that is how much the calcium oxide that does not react with plants costs us.

By using the fertilizer PROFITKALK not only do we pay less for lime ( because for the price of the fertilizer we also get valuable magnesium and phosphorus, so that the cost of 2t of CaO is actually 135.22 zł), and in addition we use almost all of the purchased calcium oxide.

This means that in the case of a fertilizer with reactivity of 75% at a dose of 2t CaO per hectare we actually deliver to the plants 1.5t, and in the case of fertilizer PROFITKALK at the same dosage CaO per hectare we would deliver 1.98t of CaO.

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