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It is a calcium fertilizer imported from Scandinavia. Lime in the fertilizer is in the form of carbonate and is ideal for all classes of soils. Due to the high fragmentation of lime, PROFITKALK has a very high reactivity of 99%. The content of lime in the form of CaO is 37% based on the form of carbonate gives a 66% CaCO3. In addition, our fertilizer contains phosphorus (0.57% P2O5) and magnesium (0.7% MgO). This means that, when fertilizing the soil with 3 tons of our fertilizer supply a 1980 kg CaCO3 and 17.1 kg P2O5 and 21 kg MgO.

Parameters of PROFITKALK fertilizer
Reactivity 99%
Moisture 30%
CaC03 95% (in dry mass)
CaO 53% (in dry mass)
P2O3 0,81% (in dry mass)
MgO 1% (in dry mass)
Profitkalk lime

Liming raises the level of fertility of soil by:

  • improving the physical, chemical and biological properties;
  • improve soil aggregate;
  • increasing the digestibility of phosphorus, potassium and magnesium;
  • improving the bioavailability of micronutrients in plants;
  • reducing the toxic effects of aluminum and manganese;
  • reducing the availability of heavy metals for plants;
  • a positive effect on the decomposition of organic matter;
  • supporting organic and mineral fertilization;
  • improving the healthiness and technological quality of crops.

Economics of fertilization

Assuming that the Chemical and Agronomical Station tells us to use a dose of fertilizer at 2 t CaO per hectare we have to consider the following doses and costs of fertilizer:

With its rich composition and low price you can save three times:

  • firstly, PROFITKALK's price is the most favorable in the market so that 1 kg of CaO costs only 0,04 PLN (about 0,1 PLN cheaper than the competition fertilizers!!!)
  • secondly, during liming you bring into the fields phosphorus and magnesium, so you can buy less fertilizers containing these two elements (saving about 40 PLN per ton of fertilizer)
  • thirdly, you save time and fuel needed to carry out further seeding of fertilizers containing phosphorus and magnesium (after all your time is priceless!!!)

You can claim the lime in the port of your choosing (can be transported to the ports of Szczecin, Darłów, Gdansk). Price of lime includes weighing and loading.


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The analysis of our lime report no. 13N58 made by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Pulawy
The report no. NW/10/2013 of the chemical analysis performed for us by the Agrochemical Station in Koszalin
The report no. 924/2012 of the chemical analysis performed for us by the Agrochemical Station in Szczecin

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